Friday, 26 September 2008

Resist Stamping

Supplies needed: Rainbow ink pad, brayer, high gloss card stock (the glossier the better), stamps of choice, clear ink pad

Ink up your stamps with the the clear ink pad

Randomly stamp on your piece of glossy card stock, be careful not to let the stamp slip

Load your brayer with lots and lots of ink. Keep rolling it over the rainbow ink pad until you have a good amount of ink and ensure you have all round coverage

Roll your brayer backwards and forwards in a quick motion applying pressure, until all or most of the ink has disappeared off the brayer. By doing this you are pushing and spreading the coloured ink away from the clear ink, thus creating a resist. If you do not follow these steps, the technique will not work properly. You will know if you are doing it right as the stamped images will just 'pop' out at you. It does take a bit of practise

This is something like what you will end up with - the glossier the card the better

I did this in exactly the same way but used the Big n Juicy spice ink pad

I then decided to pick a colour from the rainbow pad and overstamped using the same images. Again, be careful not to let the stamp slip

These are my two finished pieces

Friday, 12 September 2008

Acrylic Adirondack Dabbers

Supplies needed: Acrylic dabbers, black permanent ink pad, medium gel, splodger (or an old credit / store card), tag / card stock, text from an old book, peel offs, rubber stamps, heat tool, craft sheet

Apply a thin coat of the medium gel to the tag / card stock using your splodger (or an old credit / store card)
Stick you tag / card stock to the page from an old book
Give it a quick blast with the heat tool but don't completely dry it
Take hold of the excess paper and gently pull

You will end up with something like these
Cover the whole of the tag with the lightest of your chosen colours
Heat set

Add peel offs (I'm sure you own more interesting ones than I do!!!)

Cover the peel offs with a darker colour, adding further colour where you would like. Heat set
Remove your peel offs

This should reveal the lighter colour you started with
Add another colour if you wish
Use the dabber to 'ink' up your stamp
Stamp the image but be sure to clean your stamp straight away
Ink up your main image using a permanent black ink (ie stazon)
Stamp your images onto your tag / card stock
Add fibres / embellishments to finish

Faux Linen

You will need

Glossy paper

Sponge on your ink - I used vintage photo distress ink

using sandpaper scratch card in one direction

Turn it round and scratch in opposite direction

You can use it as it is as background paper or add more ink. I added aged mahogony - I've put more ink on the left hand side and brightened it up digitally so you can see the scratches better.

I then cut my card up and one piece I added background scrolls (I'll use this piece to make a card) My next piece I made into a skinny by stamping and embellishing. My final piece I made in to a topper by stamping on tissue and framing

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Clay and Alcohol Ink Toppers

Supplies needed: Light coloured clay, alcohol inks, rubber stamp, paint brush, water spritzer bottle, pasta machine or equivalent to roll clay with

Roll clay out

Spritz your stamp with water

Stamp your image into the clay

Remove stamp

Cut into sections if necessary

Apply alcohol ink direct from the bottle to the brush
Colour in your pieces using the alcohol inks
Pre-heated oven to 135C
Put on a tray lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 20 minutes
Remove from oven and leave to cool

You can add acrylics when cooled, if desired

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Bandana Technique

Supplies needed: An assortment of stamps, an assortment of brightly coloured ink pads, black permanent ink (stazon), ink applicator (cut n dry), white pen, card stock

Stamp a collage of images onto your card stock using your black permanent ink, try to fill the whole area

Ink up a piece of cut n dry with one of your brightly coloured inks

Apply the ink directly to areas of your card

Completely cover your card stock using different colours of brightly coloured inks

Using your white pen, outline just off the stamped images trying not to touch any of the black ink

Continue until you have outlined all the images