Saturday, 15 January 2011


Nail and wood background texture
Supplies needed:
Small nails, wood shavings, tissue paper, pva/mod podge, paint brush, chip board shapes / shapes made from thick cardboard, 2 contrasting colours of acrylic paint

Cover the shapes with pva/mod podge and arrange the nails and wood shavings as desired.

Scrunch up a piece of tissue paper larger than the area you want to cover.  Uncrumple the paper and press over the shapes.  Do not be too heavy handed or you will tear it, but ensure that it is stuck down.

Give the shapes a further coat of pva/mod podge and when dry tear or cut the excess tissue paper away.

Next paint the shapes (I used the eco friendly acrylic green patina paint)

Once dry, take your contrasting colour and rub it over the hi-lighted areas.  I like to use my finger but you can use whatever suits you best.  Don't put too much on to start with, you can always add more. 

I used the bronze eco friendly acrylic paint and this is the end result.

You can use any material under the tissue paper, don't just stick to wood and nails - experiment!!!!