Sunday, 15 February 2009

Acetate in your Cuttlebug

Supplies Needed: Cuttlebug (or alternative), Embossing Folders, Alcohol Inks and Applicator, Acetate

Ink up your acetate until you have your desired colours

Cut the acetate into pieces to fit in your embossing folder(s)

Place the acetate in the embossing folder

Run throught the Cuttlebug or alternative

Take it out the folder and voila, you have a piece of coloured acetate with an embossed pattern ready to create a background

Check out what I did with mine here


Supplies Needed: Paintbrush, Eggshells, Mod Podge or PVA glue, card stock or piece to decorate, paint or colouring materials

Wash the eggshells in bleach

Leave to dry out

Crush the shells into desired sized pieces

Use your mod podge or pva glue to stick the shell to your desired piece

Once covered and you are happy with the coverage, leave to dry

When all the white has disappeared and the shells are clear, cover with another coat of mod podge or pva glue

Give it a good coverage and leave to dry

You will know when it's dry as the shells will be clear and no white will be visable compared to above

Start to paint in your chosen colour and medium

Continue covering until you are happy with what you have

You can obviously mix colours etc but I decided just to leave mine silver

When dry add an image to finish