Saturday, 9 August 2008

Adirondak Colour Layering

Supplies needed: Adirondack spray colour, or any other type of spray colour (glimmer mists), garden leaves, glossy card stock, newspaper, a cardboard box

Line your box with newspaper, arrange your leaves on your glossy card stock

Spray into your cardboard box over your arrangement onto the glossy card stock. There is no need to stick the leaves down as they will not move
You can either leave as it is with the white background showing or add more colour. I used alcohol inks to colour. The A4 sheet is now ready to be cut up into various sizes for background pieces


Shaz said...

def going to try this, when I get some glimmer mists...when!!
would it work if you sprayed your card first, added leaves and sprayed again with another colour, or would the 2 colours mix?

sam21ski said...

I think the 2 colours would probably mix into a muddy mess Shaz, but at the end of the day, give it a try on a smaller scale and see what happens

mommabear said...

I will have to go looking fot some leaves great idea

Claireabelle said...

Defo gonna have to try this!

Mags said...

Must go hunting for some leaves soon!