Friday, 22 August 2008

Memory Glass & Stampbord

Supplies needed: Stampbord, co-ordinating size memory glass, alcohol inks, blending solution, applicator, embossing powders, clear embossing pad / pen, heat tool, craft sheet, super sticky red line tape, permanent ink pad, stamp of choice

Apply three colours of alcohol ink to the applicator

Apply sparingly to your stampbord

Use your blending solution and more colour if required to create your desired background colour

Stick your super sticky double sided red tape to the edges of the memory glass

Cover all 4 edges

Dip 2 sides into embossing powder, hold with tweezers and blast with heat tool

Do the same to the other 2 sides

When cooled down, cover the edges you've just heat embossed with the clear embossing ink

Apply another coat of embossing powder in the same colour and heat again. Apply a further coat of clear embossing powder

Ink up your stamp

Stamp your image on the memory glass

Attach the memory glass to the stampbord (I used diamond glaze around the edges)


lottie said...

Thank you so very much for sharing your techniques.
I really do appreciate it as I am new to all this and so looking forward to trying them out.

Karen said...

love this technique, thanks for sharing

LazyKay said...

That's lovely.


Anonymous said...

wonderful effect!