Saturday, 9 August 2008

Newspaper Print Backgrounds - Clear Tape

Supplies needed: Clear tape, newspaper, card stock

Tear a strip of clear tape off and place it onto your newspaper. Don't press on too hard as it's only the print you want to lift off

Carefully lift your tape off the newspaper

Left - just pressed very lightly and taken the print
Right - pressed too hard and taken the paper too

Now this is where I had my happy accident. I stuck the tape with the 'too much paper' attached to my card stock, but the work space was a bit wet, the paper started to come away

I then took a paint brush and completely wet the back of the tape

I rubbed away at the paper gently with my finger

To my amazement not only did all the paper come off with ease, but the tape remained tacky

I decided to try the same process with a photo from the newspaper. It worked in exactly the same way. The tape was still tacky enough for it to stick directly onto a piece of card stock

I then took the first piece of tape with the print on and cut it into smaller pieces and stuck it around the edge of the photo. Again I did not need to apply any further sticking applications as it was still tacky and stuck directly to the card stock

I then applied butterscotch alcohol ink to the edges

And topped it up with meadow


Shaz said...

fab sam!!
Must start buying the paper.cant wait to try these!

hilmof said...

I love this technique and have found that it's an easy way to get images on to canvas

mommabear said...

This looks great I might try it some time

Zuzu's Blog said...

wow.. up till now I have been rubbish at image transfere.. this sounds like a nice way to achieve a similar look.. off I hop to try it ---------->

Sue said...

Thanks for this technique, Sam. I love it, even if I need a bit of fine tuning yet. xx

Mags said...

Defo have a go at this soon!

Tirza said...

Thanks for writing this.

Clear Cards said...

This is a great techniques which i know from your blog and this is really helpful for me to work like this. The way you give an example in the images that looks really helpful for me.

ms Joyce said...

Love the way you teach... This is a great tech. So very vintage.