Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Waxed Paper Cuttlebug Embossing

Supplies needed: Cuttlebug or other embossing machine, embossing folders, glossy card stock, waxed paper, iron, craft sheet, brayer, ink pads (rainbow if possible)

Run the waxed paper through your embossing folder

Take a piece of glossy card and place it gloss faced up

Place your embossed piece of waxed paper on top of the glossy card

Now place another piece of glossy card on top, gloss side faced down. So you should have a sandwich of glossy card, waxed paper and glossy card. The glossy sides should be in contact with the waxed paper

Using a warm iron, iron your sandwich. You should get a feel for when it's done as the card will 'slip' due to the wax being transferred from the paper onto the glossy card

You will end up with your waxed paper which has lost its wax, and a negative and positive of the pattern on the glossy sides of your card stock

Ink up a brayer, preferably a rainbow one

And brayer your glossy card - I used the Kaledicolor bouquet ink pad for this one

The Kaledicolor birthstone ink pad for this one

The woodlands Adirondack ink pad for this one

The Adirondack rueberry ink pad on this one, but I also used a babywipe to wipe away some of the ink


Dawne said...

looks great but i donthave a cuttlebug fingy xxxxxx

LazyKay said...

Lots of interesting results there.

For anyone without a Cuttlebug you can just screw up your greaseproof paper and flatten it out and then iron it, it will still make a pattern.


sam21ski said...

Great idea LK - TFS xxx

RubyMay said...

This is brilliant...I've got to try this out !
Thanks for all the great tips and for explaining it all so clearly...I am loving this blog to bits !

Gio said...

UAU! This technique is fantastic!

Trish Bee said...

Ive added your link to my art junkies blog ezine here:

BTW you DONT need a cuttlebug to use the folders - I use a sizzix - see my blog for details on how to use a pasta machine instead of a cuttlebug :)

texasbarb said...

GREAT idea!!!! Gotta go try it!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!

Sarah said...

you're doing a good job with this blog - thanks for putting the time and effort into what looks to become a very valuable resource

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...


Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

oops lol, hit the enter key before I finished typing my message!
Was going to say, awesome!!!! I love my 'Bug and can't wait to try this technique!!!!

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

Hi there!
Me again! Just want to say that this blog is a fantastic resource. Hope you don't mind - I have added you to my blog roll "Who's updated their blogs?"

sam21ski said...

Hi you again!! No problem at all adding it to your blog, thanks for that and your kind comments xxx

Ed said...

Not tried it with my Cuttlebug yet, but I did try something similar with screwed up wax paper and that came out sort of marbled, so it will look great...

Elizabeth said...

Awesome!! TFS!

Carol said...

This looks fun on my to do this week list


Anesha said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing.