Monday, 11 August 2008

Gesso is a brilliant medium to use on your art work - a large tub costs about £5 - it can be used as a primer on wood/metal and canvas and in various ways to age and enhance your work - I've shown just a few ways today - there are many more uses.

For this example I used an alchol ink background - put about 2 teaspoons of gesso in a spray and added 4 teaspoons of water - just sprayed on and let it dry. Love the gungy look it gives to the background.

These are examples of how a "coffee cup stain" can be added to your work - all I did was paint the bottom of a glass with Gesso and stamp it.

I have used some of my stamps for these examples Gesso stamps really well but be sure to clean your stamps straightaway or you'll ruin them!!!

For this example I prepared my card to completion then washed over with a thin coat of Gesso I left it a little while to partially dry - about ten minutes then swiped over it with a babywipe - this brought off some of the Gesso but leaves a dreamy look.

For this last one I prepared my card - put vaseline over key areas of my work - painted with Gesso - once fully dry I wiped over the card with kitchen roll - this brought off all the Gesso and vaseline that was on my key areas. I love the finished look


sam21ski said...

You've given us some fantastic ideas of how to use Gesso Hilda, thanks

The bottom one is my favourite xxx

Shaz said...

thanks hilda for these examples, my list is getting longer! lol said... give me fantastic ideas.
I am very happy. Really thank you.

Beryl said...

Terrific blog site. I'll be coming back again and again.
Thank you ladies.
Beryl xx

Gio said...

Thank you! Lots of great ideas here, I'm just going to try the salt rock techinique!

Sue said...

Great technique. Really must buy some gesso. xx

Claireabelle said...

Fab ideas Hilda, have to get my gesso out now!!

Fab blog Hilda and Sam

Mags said...

Fab ideas to use this other than just a base coat!

LazyKay said...

This is a GORGEOUS piece, I love the whole effect and the colours you've chosen.