Friday, 8 August 2008

Tape Lift Stamping Technique

Supplies needed: 2 inch wide masking tape and clear tape, a rubber stamp, card, a permanent black ink (I used stazon)

Ink up your stamp. You need to use a stamp whose image is no wider than your tape. Also be aware not to use a stamp with any bold words or writing as the image will be reversed.

Take a piece of either type of tape and tear a piece off to cover your image. Place the tape over the top of your inked rubber stamp and gently press down on the tape to transfer the ink from the stamp to the tape

Peel the tape off your rubber stamp and tape it to your piece of card. The image has now been transferred from your inked stamp to your card

This transfer was created using the masking tape

This transfer was created using the clear tape

There are various things you can do with the tape lift stamped image. Here I have used masking tape and stuck it directly to an acrylic background that I created earlier. Even though the masking tape has a cream tinge to it, you can still see the background through the tape

You can also use alcohol inks over the clear tape image or you could sponge on dye inks over the masking tape image

Have a play and have fun


carian said...

Nice effect! never seen that done before. Good clear instructions and easy to follow, well done. x

Andrea said...

Well done ladies.
Some great techniques on here.
Good luck with the blog

mommabear said...

This looks very interesting must have a go

Mags said...

This looks good, must hunt out some tape now!

crystal said...

Did this one tonight too!
And then I got carried away making an ATC. My maskin tape wasn't that wide, but that is o.k.
check out my blog

LYN said...

i must give this a go....I am not an experimenter but need to broaden my horizons...thank you for sharing.