Saturday, 9 August 2008

Newspaper Print Backgrounds - Masking Tape

Supplies needed: Masking tape, newspaper, card stock, mediums to colour with

Tear a strip of masking tape off, stick it onto your newspaper, press down firmly and pull of the tape, you should have picked up some of the print. Repeat this until you have as much print on your masking tape as you like

As you can see my print runs in various directions

Tear this strip into smaller pieces and stcik them to a piece of card stock in a random fashion

Completely cover the piece of card stock

Colour with your choice of medium - I chose green chalk

Your background is now ready
You don't have to lift off the newspaper print, you could just cover your card stock with plain masking tape
Stamp your image directly on top of the masking tape


mommabear said...

What a fab idea I will try this one later

Sue said...

Thanks for teaching me this technique, Sam. Found some of hubby's masking tape yesterday so must try it with this. xx

Mags said...

Great idea, must start to save the papers instead of recycling them!