Friday, 15 August 2008

Credit Card Backgrounds

Supplies needed: Acrylic paints, old credit card, store card, mobile phone top up card etc, card stock

Take your plastic card, apply a few blobs of paint at one end

Turn the card over, press the inked end onto your card stock and 'scrape' the plastic card down the card stock

The ink merges and transfers itself onto the card and looks like it's been brayered on

In this example, I pressed down on the plastic card too hard and spread the paint too much, so if you get one like this, next time apply less pressure when scraping

Another idea is to blob the paints directly to the card stock and scrape

I wasn't as keen on this method as it left blobs at the end where the paint had started off from

Another method, and my favourite, as it's the messiest!!!
Randomly cover a piece of card stock with blobs of paint

Scrape the inks in all directions so that they all merge together


hilmof said...

Great stuff Sam

Tracey said...

wow girls, I have just spent almost an hour looking through all these fantastic techniques, thanks for sharing, I feel inspired and have saved your blog to my faves so I can keep checking back, have a great weekend girls XXX

mommabear said...

looks very messy but fun