Thursday, 14 August 2008

Spritzed Re-Inkers

Supplies needed: Heat tool, craft sheet, re-inkers, spritzer bottles, card stock

Place a few drops of ink into the spritzer bottle

Add water to create your desired shade, if too light, add more ink, if too dark add more water

Shake well

Spray onto your card stock

Use your heat tool to dry

Add a different colour

Use heat tool to dry

Add further colours if required. If you do not heat dry between colours they will run into each other and become muddy

A combination of three colours were used on the examples below

To add a shimmer to your pages you can create a metalic spritzer by using metalic perfect pearls. Tip some of the powder into a spritzer bottle, add water, and ensure you shake very well. Again it's trial and error as to how much you put in and how much water you use depending on the colour you want to create

This is a pewter colour although it doesn't show up very well

And then I've added spiced marmalade and peeled paint

This is how I created the pages for the travel beer mat book that I recently made


altered geisha said...

Well done you two for setting up such a fantastic blog!!!
Love the clear pictures and the great explanations of how to do the techniques!!
No doubt this will be very popular as soon as word gets around!
Good Luck

Love Ruth xxx

LazyKay said...

Lovely effects.


hilmof said...

A quick and easy way to make fantastic backgrounds - love it

mommabear said...

It makes fab backgrounds