Saturday, 9 August 2008

Lemon Juice Burning

Supplies needed: Heat gun, craft sheet, lemon juice, various types of card stock, paint brush or anything else you wish to apply the lemon juice with

You MUST use a craft or heat resistant sheet for this technique

Take your card stock and apply the lemon juice. I ripped the edges off my card stock and applied the lemon juice with a paint brush, but you can spritz it (I didn't have a spare spray bottle), dribble it, smear it, smudge it, whatever you like really - also experiment on different types of card stock ie hammered, linen

Take your heat gun and heat the lemon juice, keeping the gun moving at all times, the nearer you place the nozzle the more burn you will get - you really need to use a heat gun as opposed to a hair dryer type heating tool as a heat gun is more intense

I held mine fairly close as I wanted a good brown burnt colour - by the way, it does smell like it's burning too, this is why you need to use a heat resistant or craft sheet because of the intense heat

The colour burnt up nicely

I used glossy card stock, tore around all the edges and applied the lemon juice just around the edges

You can see how different they both look using the different card stock

This time I used cream linen card stock and applied the lemon juice with a piece of cut n dry foam

Heated it up

And this is my end result

All three look totally different but were done in the same way

Try experimenting with different card stock and applying the lemon juice in different ways


hilmof said...

Another great technique Sam - I can see loads of ways I could use this one - love the burnt/ vintage look

mommabear said...

Im not sure about this one but I will give it a try

Mags said...

Fab way to distress instead of inking!

Anonymous said...

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