Monday, 18 August 2008

Cuttlebug Embossing with Distressed Inks

Supplies needed: Cuttlebug (or other embossing machine), small embossing plates, card stock, distressed inks, cut n dry foam or a sponge

Place your embossing folder at an angle on your card stock. Run it through your embossing machine

Do this several times at different angles until you are happy with the design

Take a distress ink pad and swipe it over the top of the card stock. It will catch all the raised bits

Take your cut n dry and colour the background around the embossed pattern

If you turn the card stock over you can do exactly the same to the other side but you get a reverse of the pattern, so the ink catches more of the background and leaves the pattern white

Take your piece of card stock and screw it up

Unfold it, and you should have some nice creases

Take another colour distressed ink pad and swipe it over your card stock

Continue adding colour until you are happy with with it

You can do the same to the other side

You can tear the card stock into suitable pieces to add to your creations or leave it as it is to use as a background


RubyMay said...

Super can also use pigment inks if you wish
(see my blog 1st August 2008 you can ink the background by using your brayer on your folder ! )
(hope it is ok to share that)
brilliant tips on here TFS x

sam21ski said...

Of course it is Rubymay, the more info we can collect the better - TFS your ideas with us

ju said...

That looks really great! ...just wish I had a cuttlebug! Ha Ha! x

Shaz said...

so do I, maybe santA will get me one lol
fab technique

Gio said...

Have I told you yet that your blog is terrific? I love it and is very useful! I've just tried the shaving foam technique!

LazyKay said...

Just had a catchup on your latest additions - some real inspiration there - this site's a real gem, keep up the good work!


Radiogirl said...

Thanks for all of the details and all of the images too.

texasbarb said...

yet another GREAT CB idea!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a fantastic Idea
jenny xx