Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fabric Transparency Transfer

Supplies needed: Medium gel, transparency image, cotton fabric (the finer weave the better the result), heat tool and craft sheet (optional)

Apply the medium gel to the cotton fabric with your finger

Cover an area big enough to take your image. Don't apply it too thick but at the same time make sure you put enough on so that you can not see the fabric

Place your image in the medium gel, ink side down (usually the rough side)

Gently rub over the surface of the image, start in the centre and work outwards. After about 1 minute apply firm pressure. You should feel the medium gel 'grab' the transfer. Lift up the bottom corner to see if the ink has transferred, if it hasn't continue to apply pressure

When you are happy, peel off the acetate

Your image should now be transferred to your fabric. If you wish you can blast with a heat tool to ensure it is fully dry or just set aside for a few hours to dry au naturel

If your image is blurred you have either applied too much gel medium or too much pressure when attempting the transfer

If your image has scratchy lines you have either not used enough gel medium or not applied enough pressure when attempting the transfer


LazyKay said...

Good image pick up there!


Brandi Lawson said...

Are you able to transfer an image this way to a T-shirt, or will the ink wash out?