Saturday, 9 August 2008

Toilet Tissue Technique

You will need

Stamps - deep etched are the best
Toilet Tissue
Stipple brush or similar

I've used 2 of my favourite stamps

Covered the stamps with folded toilet tissue - I used 2 sheets on each folded - making a wad of 4 pieces

I then sprayed and soakened them with water. I used a stipple brush to press the tissue in to the crevices and push out any air bubbles

I carefully peeled the tissue off the stamp and put it to dry

When it was fully dry I used inks to add colour

All ready now for trimming and adding to my card for embellishing


mommabear said...

Another fab idea

Shaz said...

another one to try, cant at moment only have designed loo roll lol
only the best for me you know..great technique!

Mags said...

Another fab idea!

Sue said...

This idea looks fab!! Must give it a try. xx