Monday, 25 August 2008

Cracked Glass Effect

Supplies needed: Johnsons Klear floor wax, clear embossing powder, re-inkers, heat tool, craft sheet, permanent ink pad, stamps, walnut crystals, card stock, paintbrushes

Stamp the card with your image(s)

Cover your card in Johnsons Klear floor wax

Dip your brush into the walnut crystals

Move the crystals around the card using a paintbrush

Avoiding the main image(s)

Dip your brush into the re-inkers and start to colour in your main image(s)

When you have finished colouring your image(s), tear around them

Cover the whole of the card in clear embossing powder

And heat

Give your card another coat of Johnsons Klear floor wax

Add another coat of clear embossing powder

And heat again - you can do this as many times as you wish to create depth

When cool fold your piece

Then fold the opposite way (to create squares)

Your cracked glass effect is now completed


hilmof said...

Love it Sam - thank you for posting it

LazyKay said...

Nice effect.


Faye said...

Using the floor wax instead of clear embossing ink was a new one for me.