Friday, 8 August 2008

Rock Salt Rocks!!!

Rock Salt Rocks!!!

You will need:-

heavy paper (Watercolour is good)
Adirondack colour Wash (one or two colours) or Walnut Ink
Rock salt (From supermarket)
Sunny day!!!

Cut paper in to 3.5ins x 2.5ins
Spray with colour wash or walnut ink.
Sprinkle rock salt
Immediately place in the sun to dry
The rock salt absorbs the ink and creates a stunning pattern

Sample 1 uses colour wash
sample 2 walnut ink


carian said...

ooher! I've seen something like thta under a microscope! lovely effect. x

mommabear said...

yet another fab idea

Mags said...

Another fab idea!

Joan said...

is Adirondack ink the same as alcohol ink