Saturday, 9 August 2008

Caught In Crystal

Supplies needed: Acetate, tissue paper, fine glitter, paint brush, heat tool, Johnsons Klear Floor Wax (approx £3 from any large supermarket), liquid inks (re-inkers, alcohol inks), kitchen towel, rubber stamp, permanent ink (stazon)

Apply floor wax to the acetate, but do not paint too close to the edges

Sprinkle on a small amount of glitter, don't add too much or the tissue paper will not stick

Take a piece of tissue paper large enough to cover the acetate. Crumple it up into a ball, open it up and place it over the piece of acetate. Lightly pat it down

Apply more Johnsons Klear floor wax to your paint brush and gently stipple the surface of the tissue paper until completely covered

Next add your colour randomly over the tissue paper, one colour at a time - I added spiced marmalade first

I then added a second colour - china blue

And a third colour - mustard seed. If you are applying the inks with a brush, remember to clean your brush between colours.

Dip your brush into the Johnsons Klear floor wax and coat the piece of tissue paper with it. Your inks should blend together and possibly change colour as below

Take another piece of tissue paper, again bigger than the piece of acetate, and place it over the newly inked and waxed surface

Using a piece of kitchen towel, pat the new piece of tissue paper to absorb the excess ink - this bit is messy, but I love it!!!

Pull off the piece of tissue paper that you have just applied. Be careful only to take the one sheet

Set this aside, as it makes great backing paper for other projects

Take your heat gun and dry the piece of tissue paper still attached to the acetate. Be careful not to over heat at this stage, do not melt the acetate underneath!!! The hair dryer type heat tool is better for this than the heat gun

When dry, apply a final layer of Johnsons Klear floor wax to the tissue paper to seal. Again use a heat tool to dry. I left mine for a couple of hours to completely dry

Once dry turn the whole thing over so that the acetate is to the top. Ink your chosen stamp with permanent ink (black stazon) and stamp your image directly onto the acetate, cut to size

You can, if you wish, stamp your image onto the acetate before you apply the first application of the floor wax, but doing it this way, you have no control of where the colour is going to go. Stamping your image last gives you the choice of where you would like to place the image in relation to the colours and patterns you've created


hilmof said...

I've tried this and loved it

mommabear said...

I have not tryed this yet but it looks great I will deffinatley have a go

LazyKay said...

Great step by steps on ALL the techniques (I've not commented separately on each one tho').

This will be really helpful for people who want to see how different things work.

Great how you've shown what's needed then each step as you go along as it's often difficult to know if what you've made, when trying a new technique, actually looks as it should at any given stage.


Shaz said...

i like this, will give it a go sometime!

Joy said...

Wonderful blog and tutorials great photos xx

Mags said...

This is lovely, will have to try soon!

Anonymous said...

Great technique. Can't wait to try it!

Shairon said...

Wonderful pics and clear explanations. Can't wait to try it out!

Klinkj0806 said...

Thank you, thank you, for posting this! Did this YEARS ago and have never forgotten how awesome it was! Can't wait to try it again!