Sunday, 17 August 2008

Faux Leather Backgrounds

Supplies needed: Mod Podge (or pva glue), ink pads, heat tool and craft sheet (optional), card stock, paintbrush, sponge or cut n dry foam, tissue paper

Apply ink to the card stock

Completely cover the card stock using various complimentary colours, remember you are going to create a leather looking effect

Tear off a piece of tissue paper slightly larger than your card stock, scrunch it into a ball and open it out again

Completely cover your card stock with mod podge or pva glue

Cover your card stock using your crumpled piece of tissue paper. Do not flatten the tissue paper too much, you want it to have creases and texture. Leave to completely dry or use a heat tool to speed up the process

Now add more colour. Using your cut n dry or sponge, completely cover the tissue paper with the same set of colours you started off with. Allow the inks to dry (at this stage it doesn't look anything!!)

When the inks are dry, apply a further coat of mod podge

Set aside to dry or use your heat tooll to speed up the drying process

When completely dry you will be left with a wonderful shiny waxed leather look

Trim the excess tissue paper and your background is ready to use for your project

I also experiemented with Adirondack dye inks, following exactly the same process as above and got fantastic results. These inks seemed to bleed more, therefore the finished piece wasn't as dark


Ann said...

WOW!! Fantastic effect Sam - must have a try at this one!! Brilliant clear steps to follow & the photo's really help - Thanks, just LOVE this blog!!! xxx

sam21ski said...

Thanks Ann, don't forget to come back and let us know how you got on

Rein said...

WOW,this is wonderful,great effect
thanks for sharing!

ilonka said...

thanks for that wonderful workshop! i'll definitely try this!!

VIP Cards said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea. I am also try this and photos are really helpful for me.

Zafran ali said...

WOW,this is wonderful idea,great effect thanks for sharing!
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