Thursday, 14 August 2008

Distressed Ink Watermark Background

Supplies needed: Distress ink pads, water, cut n dry foam, heat tool, craft sheet, card stock

Apply a generous amount of ink to the card stock using the cut n dry foam - you don't have to use this, you can apply it any way you like

Add a further colour (if you wish) and completely cover the card stock

Take some water in the palm of your hand

And literally 'throw' it onto you inked card stock

Use a heat tool to dry, if you don't have a heat tool, set aside to dry

Once dry your inked card stock should have watermarks

This is another one I did in exactly the same way, but this time I just let the water 'drip' out of my hand onto the card stock


LazyKay said...

I love doing this one - great how you've shown the 'splash' technique, it's hard to describe to someone.


Sue said...

Love this technique too. Although mine never looks as good as yours :(


hilmof said...

really well presented Sam